Friday, July 31, 2015

MorningPrayer Friday

Dear God,
      Sometimes it seems our entire world is straining and groaning, under intense pressure, ready to bend and buckle.  Sometimes it seems that our individual aches, pains, malaise and stress are individual reactions to this earthly conflict.  We pray to let go, God, of the conflicts that are tearing us apart.  We pray for peace and gentleness and for a spirit that is kinder and more reflective. There is hope, even still, if we rest in you. AMEN

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MorningPrayer Tuesday

Dear God
     Healing: may our bodies and minds be healed of that which makes us ill.
     Health: may our entire self, that which we are, be whole and complete.
     Happiness: may we experience joy in our inmost being and be content in our joy.
     Harmony: may we be unified in the circle of life and connected to the oneness of all.
     Holiness: may we be sacred and divine in all our relationships of thinking and doing.

Monday, July 27, 2015

MorningPrayer Monday

Dear God,    
    Help us to master the art of living simply, for in living simply we connect to the divine impulse of beauty and harmony.  Unclutter us and our lives; clear out the drawers of our mind and our house, sweep clean the edges of our thoughts and the corners of our rooms, open up our tabletops and the layers of our memories.  Simplify our being and doing into a Haiku of elegance and form.  Then, we may more perfectly give praise and thanks. AMEN

Sunday, July 26, 2015

MorningPrayer Sunday

Dear God,
      Morning sings a new song of opportunity.  May we see this day in a new light and see magic and mystery that we haven't noticed before.  Open up our senses and let us explore our world with fresh cells, sparkling in the light.  May the potential we possess come alive in the possibilities of the day and of the Kingdom of your loving presence. AMEN

Friday, July 24, 2015

MorningPrayer Friday

...what we mean God,
     we don't understand and can't figure out why we are the way we are.   Some of us are pretty good, nice, thoughtful, kind.  And some seem, well, evil or bad, or at the very least inflamed with a sickness that causes us to act that way. And that is on an individual level, and when you add the political, national, religious, ethnic parts on a earth wide scale, well, then it becomes really incomprehensible.
    We don't understand, because most of us want human simplicity and decency, but how to get there and stay there.  Obviously, even if we don't understand, we can do it only with your help. Help us God. Help heal and make us well and whole us. AMEN

Thursday, July 23, 2015

MorningPrayer Thursday

Dear God,
    The vibrancy of nature explodes around us in quiet rhythms;  the dandelion puffs drift in lazy circles, the predator bird attacks the song bird, the spider waits for the twanging of the web, the earth rumbles and then sleeps and we swatch and wait and dream and plan. We see that we are part of the vibrant  explosion of earth and we pray for gentle harmony and dynamic peaceful interaction. In justice, mercy and understanding may we walk humbly with you. AMEN

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

MorningPrayer Wednesday

Dear God,
  In the dice that's rolled across the tabletop of humanity,
       as the heavens roared and shook, 
           some of us were pretty lucky and came up seven's and silver spoons.
Walking humbly and accepting our lot,
      rubbing sand and iron between our fingertips,
         obligated to do justice and mercy,
             we accept the grittiness of love.
In the Holy Spirit of faith, we be and do. AMEN

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

MorningPrayer Tuesday

   Is there light this morning, or are my eyes still closed?   If this is a new day, then why do I feel so old?
How come "sleeping on it" didn't change the reality of "it?" If the world is changing, then why is the news still the same?
Lord, if this is the day you have made, then is it good or should it be unmade and started over again? 
   Perhaps, we should start this prayer over again...
Dear God,....Thanks... AMEN

Monday, July 20, 2015

MorningPrayer Monday

Dear God,
In this day, as we move and do -- we ask for guidance and wisdom.
   May we be open as the endless sky,
   May we be understanding as an ancient monk,
   May we be accepting as a new mother,
   May we be knowing as a wise eyed owl,
   May we be loving as the Son of God,
 May we love you with all our heart and
Love our neighbor as our self. AMEN

Sunday, July 19, 2015

MorningPrayer Sunday

Dear Living God,
Relax us in the Holy Spirit. 
   Place us in green pastures,
         the meadow of silence
    and sing us the anthem that stirs the spirit and heals the soul. 
 In the gentle breezes stirring the pond
     and the whisper of butterfly wings 
         might we rise up in the eternal mystery 
         and offer praise and thanks.  
 For truly, we are of the earth and the winds of the sky.  
 We are of the waters and of the fires that flash. 
 We are born of the Living Spirit and in Holiness let us breathe. AMEN

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Morningrayer Saturday

Holy Lord,
    If we pause, for just a moment and savor that moment; it might be divine, sacred, holy.  That taste might change our life and give us hope, new reason, new understanding and meaning. It just might.  So, help us to stop, pause, be still and sip of the divine moment, taste of the holiness and find peace.  Out of the rushing wind and water, let us step and be still and know you, God. AMEN

Thursday, July 16, 2015

MorningPrayer Thursday

Dear God,
     We pray for those who feel alone, separated and alienated. We ask that mercy and justice roll like a living river of holiness and give nourishment and strength to all who mourn and feel discarded by society. May your empowering love, saturated by grace save and heal. And may we be among those who are vehicles of that love and vessels of that grace. AMEN

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MorningPrayer Wednesday

Holy Lord,
     The heavens clapped its hands and the saints shook us, and said, "Wake up, wake up. It is time to get going.  There is work to be done in the Kingdom and only you can do it."  And so, we opened our hands and filled our palms full of living water and drank deeply and then, wide awake and filled with sparkling light we lept into the Kingdom and did what we could do.. We did what we could do, each in our own way.  Thank you God, for waking us, filling us, and showing us how to leap. AMEN

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MorningPrayer Tuesday

Dear God,
    The sounds of humanity fall around us like rain, saturating our mind in its rhythmic patter. What purpose or intent do we have? Can we distinguish individual raindrops? Can we see in the mist?  It seems that every drop, every sound, stands for something and affects our world. And for us, may the sound we make, may the rhythm of our day be positive and be holy. AMEN

Monday, July 13, 2015

MorningPrayer Monday

Dear God,
     Let us rejoice in our community; the community of family, faith, neighborhood, friends.  Let us rejoice in the relationships we develop that help to keep us whole and inspire us to new heights of awareness and understanding.  In thanks to you, God, we offer praise and pray for life in the living Spirit. AMEN

Sunday, July 12, 2015

MorningPrayer Sunday

Dear God,
     A personal prayer of thanks and wonder. A Happy Birthday prayer to my mother who is 97 today.  Thanks for her spirit and her love.  Thanks for her faith which has guided her life since a child and from which she has never wavered. We lift her up in gratitude as an example of positive living, discipline and energy. May we also find joy in life, the strength to be both determined and flexible and the faith to pursue dreams and visions. AMEN

Saturday, July 11, 2015

MorningPrayer Saturday

Dear God,
     Set before us the mirror of health, the reflection of that which is beautiful, harmonious and well. Flow serenely through us, cleansing and purifying, washing away impurities and illness, disease and distress. Let us join with the cosmic spirit and be one with your universal love and be saturated in your eternal grace.  AMEN

Friday, July 10, 2015

MorningPrayer Friday

Hello God,
 Are you there?
     I am here.
 I would like to have a conversation.
     I am here.
There is something I want.
    What do you desire?
I would like to be like you.
     That is a difficult desire.
Is it obtainable?
     It is not.
Then what is obtainable?
     The desire to be like me.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

MorningPrayer Thursday

Sorry. I was out of the country for two weeks.

Dear God,
    Like a song with a melodic line and interludes of harmony and  dissonance, our life flows from beginning to  conclusion.The rhythm and the pacing create a feel and a dance of meaning.  How shall we dance, God?  What choices in the music do we make? We pray that you be our composer and conductor.  May we listen carefully and interpret the notes to the best of our ability.  Let the music flow like a spiritual river. AMEN