Sunday, July 27, 2014

MorningPrayer Sunday

Dear God,
   A prayer of gentleness and slowness.  Let us not hurry and rush in the attic of our mind or the pathways of our feet.  Keep us safe from the sharp, jagged edges that catch and clash against the fabric of our thoughts and hands. May our hearts beat slowly and our breath flow evenly. May our spirits be peaceful and our souls be contented. In serenity let us be in motion and in prayer, AMEN

Friday, July 25, 2014

MorningPrayer Friday

Dear God,
   What will today bring? Will it bring the Alleluia of a praise song exploding from a flower.  Will it bring the light of a star coasting to earth after a million light years.  Will it bring the sad patient smile of a person in pain. Will it bring a bill unpaid, a task left undone, the dirt in the garden gathering weeds. We do't know for sure, do we, God. But whatever it might be, we pray for your presence and your grace. May we, ourselves,  be a murmured Alleluia , whispered through the universe of stars. AMEN

Thursday, July 24, 2014

MorningPrayer Thursday

Thank You God,
   For this day and not "that" day.
   For what we have and not what we don't have.
   For what we can do and not what we haven't done.
   For the many choices we have, we so choose.
   For who we are and not who we aren't.
   In gratitude, we give thanks, AMEN

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MorningPrayer Wednesday

Dear God,
   The morning lies across our shoulders like an old blanket, woolen, sticky, humid.  We need to exchange it for a prayer shawl, light, airy, holy.  We need the deep cleansing breath so we can shrug our shoulders and be freed of old constraints and put on the sacred ways. This day, help us to be and do in the holiness of your presence. May we be clothed in prayer. AMEN

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MorningPrayer Tuesday

Dear God,
    For healing, we pray.  For whatever ails us and impedes us and keep us from being as whole and complete as we can be.  Enter into the cells and sinews of our bodies as a spirit filled breath of holiness. Cleanse us in the fires of your love.  May your cooling waters flow through us,washing, cleansing and purifying. May the winds of eternal flames give us energy and vitality and sharpen our senses and minds. And then, might we dedicate ourselves to the Kingdom of God and all that is holy, sacred and divine. AMEN

Monday, July 21, 2014

MorningPrayer Monday

    Fill us with your music of creation. In our full life-sustaining breath might we feel and hear the deepest bass, the ancient explosion that gives birth and supports our being. May our very spirit dance to the inner melody flowing through us like a soft wind caressing grasses and flowers of the wilderness.  May the lilting flute of the high places ignite our dreams like stars on fire and comets flung across the cosmos. Renew, replenish and restore our souls, O God. AMEN

Sunday, July 20, 2014

MorningPrayer Sunday

Holy God,
   Thank you for this day.  Infuse our muscles with energy and strength to accomplish the tasks before us.  May our minds be filled with your purpose and will and our hearts with compassion and sharing for the days needs.   Sustain us will holiness and may our spirit ride the breath of stillness as we reflect  and respond quietly to our world.    May the living Christ be with us. AMEN

Saturday, July 19, 2014

MorningPrayer Saturday

    Carry us into the present with feet firmly planted and our mind fully engaged.  
    Carry us into the future on wings of feathers and silk with our minds dreaming and visionary.
    Carry us from the past in loving arms and forgiving hearts and gratitude for small things.
    Carry us in grace and eternal prayer. AMEN

Friday, July 18, 2014

MorningPrayer Friday

Dear God,
   We pray for our world and whoever is in charge.  Our earth is torn by conflicts of politics, ideologies,  greed, needs,  boundaries, losses, economics, hatreds and loves. We desperately need help because the fabric of humanity lies tattered in the quilt of dreams. We pray for the innocent people that suffer. We pray for the warriors that battle. We pray for the leaders of nations and tribes that make decisions, may they find wisdom of reconciliation and forgiveness in their hearts. We pray an open prayer, because obviously, we don't even know what is right, so our prayer is for you to lead and guide and heal.  We believe you want peace and harmony for us, God. AMEN

Thursday, July 17, 2014

MorningPrayer Thursday

Dear God,
  Today is another day of opportunities:  when we leap from tall buildings, may we do so with vigor and vitality.  When we stumble and fall may we do so with grace and dignity. When we speak with a stranger may our smiles echo our heart. When we relate with our friends and family may we be gracious and loving. When we ponder the enemy may we do so with kindness. When we  make big decisions may we do so in prayer. In the meditations of our heart and the actions of our being, may we be in your hand, O God. AMEN

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

MorningPrayerWednesday July 16, 2014

Hello readers of this Blog.  I have been in Canada for several weeks and was unable to do the blog, though I have kept up with the daily prayer.  Sorry for that.  However, Here we go again....

Dear God,
    Once again, the sun has risen the veil of night and brought the day to life. What brings us to life? What hand or meaning or rhythm of the clock rises us to our purpose and sets us forth on the new day?  What beauty entrances us or stress assails us? As our spirit springs forth, are you with us, God? That is the question that we ask and the answer we most seek. We need your presence and your assurance that this light of day is not in vain. We need you, God. AMEN